We don't just show up with cool cameras. We pitch creative, narrative story based ideas and execute those all the way through distribution. Don't just hire someone to get cool footage of your fest or event. Make some really engaging content that targets your specific audience before, during and after your fest!

Food Truck Carnival

The Northglenn Colorado Food Truck Carnival attracts over 30,000 people annually, making it the largest festival in the city's history. We were there every step of the way to compile this Food Network inspired recap video to show off all the festival has to offer.

420 On The Block MUSIC FEST

A Social Video Campaign for the music festival engaged more than just tickets sales. It showed people the personality and humor of the festival, encouraged them to embrace the culture and showed that the organizers care more about entertaining their audiences then selling the fest itself. These videos were used on social channels of both 420 On The Block, the sponsors and the artists playing the fest. We all know video has better stats and conversion rates online and social platforms, but quality content video has even better results. Show your audience what you really care about and show them a great time! 


Spread the Word Fest

We captured a cinematic story from Spread the Word in Denver CO. Several venues and a ton of bands. We literally ran from one show to the next, but we got some awesome stuff! We released some of these videos during the actual festival to spread the word and show people what exactly was going on.