Cannabis Industry

You love growing your product. We want to help you grow your business. We can provide high quality videos like branded content, social video campaigns, business profiles and promos to help expand your clientele.



From The Mountain Tops: Being seen 360

We can take your business model and make creative concepts like this to engage your specific audience.  These can be used for online advertising, location installations and any other form of marketing we see fit to help expand your audience.


420 On The Block Social Video 

Like a one-hitter, these short videos get the job done quick and develop your brand overtime. We teamed up with Ideaison to do a social video champaign. We shot 30 videos at 10 seconds a piece and posted on social outlets focused on Instagram and Snapchat stories. Engaging content in small bites!



I&I - Premiere Cannabis

You have a story and we want to tell it. By profiling the true heart and passion you put into your business everyday, your clientele will be able to connect with your brand on a deeper level.



Dead men Plugs 

We want to see your process from beginning to end.