We are The Bande and we want to tell your story. From the first nugget of an idea, until the final product is shared with the masses, we pride ourselves on putting our all into each project every step of the way. Whether you’re a growing business aiming to expand your brand, a band in need of a music video, an artist looking for coverage at your latest art installment, or a fellow filmmaker with a great idea for a short film, The Bande can support you in all your creative ideas.

We wish we could shoot Wonkavision. For now we’ll settle for the highest quality we can get, 4K to 8K, 360 to VR, or whatever else you can dream up. Our award-winning work has screened in film festivals across the globe: Cinema Chicago, Aspen Shorts Fest, Boston Underground Film Festival, Mexico International Film Festival, The Illinois International Film Festival, Austin Comedy Short Film Festival, Laugh or Die Comedy Fest, East Lansing Film Festival, Royal Starr Film Festival, Colorado Short Circuit Film Festival and the London Monthly Film Festival.



Ben Fout created The Bande in order to use his passion for filmmaking to help other driven entrepreneurs and artists achieve their vision. Ben’s carpenter father always told him, “it’s better to craft something than to simply build something,” and he’s always taken that to heart. He’s always thinking about the bigger picture and overall direction of the project. With each new project, Ben makes sure to carefully craft it to each client’s specific vision to ensure they get exactly what they are looking for.

Tyler Holme is the latest addition to The Bande. He tells people he’s from Detroit. He’s not. He’s from Redford Michigan, but he could see the Detroit border from his house growing up. So that’s close. Tyler is an award-winning filmmaker whose films have screened in international film festivals across the globe. He met Ben and Emily while the three of them attended college at Columbia College Chicago. Tyler and Ben have collaborated on numerous projects in the past, including their award-winning short films, BILLY and SPIKE. Many of those projects were even filmed in Emily’s old Chicago apartment, so he’s super excited to get The Bande back together.

Emily Tobin is The Bande’s in house graphic designer. She has years of experience designing for bands, short films, and companies both large and small. She likes modern, chic design but she will tackle any project with the same professionalism and hard work needed to succeed. She excels in taking an idea from phase one, turning it up to eleven, and giving her clients an awesome final product.